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Michigan Lottery Review

The Michigan Lottery was established in 1972 by the McCauley-Traxler-Law-Bowman-McNeely lottery act, which created a bureau for the state lottery and set up a structure for governing and regulating games in the state. The first game ever sold was the Green Ticket Game, which started in November 1972. Tickets cost 50 cents, and the draw was held once a week. Instant games were introduced in 1975, and terminal games (such as Daily 3 and Daily 4) were added in June 1977. Keno and pull tab games, featured in restaurants and bars across the state, were introduced in 2003.

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MI Lottery mobile appIn 1996, the Michigan Lottery began selling tickets for Mega Millions, one of two popular interstate draw games. The state lottery joined Powerball in 2010 and joined Lucky for Life in 2015. The Michigan Lottery also offers its draw games, such as Lotto 47 and Fantasy 5, as well as two popular Keno games. Online Michigan Lottery sales began in 2014, which allowed players to buy online scratch-off games, as well as draw games like Powerball, Mega Millions, and Lotto 47. Today, 68 different games are available to play online, most of them being instant-win games or casino games. Players need to be aged 18 or over and physically present in the state of Michigan to play online.

In addition to their regular draw games and instant-win games, the Michigan Lottery also runs special promotions throughout the year. There is a regular Super Raffle with a top prize of $4 million, as well as a daily “Spin to Win” game for online players that offers perks and rewards, as well as the chance to win cash each month. Players can pick up entry prizes, online free play, and in-store free play. Other giveaways offer cash prizes, trips, and other incentives. Promo codes and welcome offers are also available for any player who registers an online Michigan lottery account.

Michigan Lottery players have won some incredible prizes over the years, including three Powerball jackpot winners. The biggest winner in the state is Donald Lawson from Lapeer, who won a Powerball jackpot worth $337 million in August 2012. He is closely followed by Julie Leach from Three Rivers, who won $310 million on Powerball in October 2015. In April 2005, Mary and Ralph Stebbins from Port Huron won $208 million on Mega Millions. Billions of dollars in other prizes have been distributed to lucky winners throughout the state in the past 46 years.

The Michigan Lottery uses funds raised from ticket sales to support educational initiatives in the state, and to date, the School Aid Fund has received over $20 billion from money raised through lottery sales. Out of every dollar raised in ticket sales, 60 cents goes to prizes, 28 cents goes to the School Aid Fund, nine cents is earned as a commission by lottery retailers, and three cents goes to running the lottery itself. Overall, 97 percent of funds raised go back to the state of Michigan and its residents. You can find a full history of the Michigan Lottery on our sister site, Michigan Lottery Promo Codes.


The Michigan Lottery Mobile App

promocode mobile mi lotteryThe Michigan Lottery mobile app is available on both iOS (software versions 10 and higher) and Android devices (software versions 5.0 and higher). It’s a useful way for players to keep track of the latest jackpot amounts, look at winning numbers, and look after their online accounts. There have been over half a million downloads of the app to date, and hundreds of thousands of lottery games are played through the app each week.

The Michigan Lottery mobile app was originally launched in 2011 and has gone through several updates in the past few years. When Michigan Lottery sales went online in 2014, the app eventually expanded to include online sales.

Today, Michigan Lottery players can use the app to play instant games online, buy tickets for draw games, watch Club Keno drawings, scan physical lottery tickets to see if they’ve won a prize, check the winning numbers for draw games, look up local retailers, and play special games to earn rewards. In order to use the app, players must be aged 18 or over and have a registered and verified account with the Michigan Lottery. They must also be physically located within the state in order to purchase scratch-off games and buy tickets for draw games.

How Much Can I Win Online?

Players who buy Michigan Lottery games online could win prizes worth $1 million or more, especially if they play games like Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto 47, or Fantasy 5. There are also significant prizes to be won on instant scratch-offs and Keno. Smaller prizes can be claimed immediately, while larger prizes will need to be verified before they are paid to winners.

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Top Five Instant Games on MichiganLottery.com

Queen of Diamonds

Queen Of Diamonds michigan lotteryQueen of Diamonds is a fun online instant-win game that uses the classic playing card motif. Tickets cost between five cents and two dollars, depending on what the player wants to wager. Players click on cards to reveal prizes. If they uncover a Queen, they win a prize for that ticket. Revealing three golden cards unlocks a bonus round with a guaranteed prize, while uncovering a Joker card unlocks another bonus round, also with a guaranteed prize.

Minimum Payout
Maximum Payout

Keno Multiplier

Instant Keno Multiplier michigan lotteryKeno Multiplier is a fun online version of the popular Keno game. Players wager anywhere from $0.25 to $20 and pick “spots” on the Keno board. They can also have their numbers randomly generated via Quick Pick. The draw starts, and 20 numbers are randomly selected. If a player matches a number, they win the prize shown. If they match two “Star” numbers, their prize money is doubled, and if they match three “Star” numbers, the money is tripled.

Minimum Payout
Maximum Payout

Blackjack Doubler

Blackjack DoublerBased on the classic casino game, Blackjack Doubler lets players select up to twelve tickets, labeled “your hand” and “dealer’s hand”. Tickets cost between ten cents and two dollars. Once the game is purchased, they click to reveal their hands. If their card is higher in value than that of the dealer, they win a prize. Prize money is doubled if the value of the player’s hand is 21. Bonus rounds can be unlocked if players have “golden” cards.

Minimum Payout
Maximum Payout

Rainbow Fortunes

Players will be hoping to have the luck of the Irish as they buy tickets for Rainbow Fortunes. Tickets cost between $0.20 and $10, and players must match three or more symbols in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line to win a cash prize. If they find three “pot of gold” symbols, they unlock a bonus round. Finding a missing barrel piece also unlocks a bonus round. Both of these bonus games come with guaranteed prizes.

Minimum Payout
Maximum Payout

Shocking 7’s

Shocking 7’s offers a top prize of $60,000 and costs between $0.05 and $2.00 to play. Once players have purchased their tickets, they press “play” to reveal the prizes available to win. If they find a “7”, they will win the prize and the multiplier shown. Finding seven “Volt” symbols triggers a Bonus Wheel game. Players can buy up to 35 tickets at once, and vary the price of each ticket accordingly, wagering more for the chance to win bigger prizes.

Minimum Payout
Maximum Payout

Top Three Lottery Draw Games on MichiganLottery.com


Powerball is a draw game that takes place on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. Players pick five “white ball” or main numbers from 1 to 69, as well as a single Powerball number between 1 and 26. To win the jackpot, players need to match all five main numbers as well as the Powerball. Jackpots start at $40 million, but can quickly reach $400 million or more as the top prize rolls over. Other prizes range from $2 up to $1 million.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions is a draw game that takes place on Tuesday and Friday nights. Players pick five main numbers between 1 and 70, as well as a Mega Number from 1 to 25. Tickets can also be randomly generated via Quick Pick. The jackpot is won if a ticket matches all five main numbers plus the Mega Number drawn. Mega Millions jackpots start at $40 million and can quickly reach hundreds of millions of dollars due to rollovers.

Fantasy 5

Fantasy 5 is a quick and easy draw game that takes place every evening. Players select five numbers from 1 to 39, or have their tickets randomly generated for them. Jackpots start at $100,000 and roll over until a ticket matches the five numbers drawn. Other Fantasy 5 prizes range from $1 for matching two numbers, up to $100 for matching four numbers. A supplementary game called EZMatch is also available and offers the chance to win instant prizes.

Keno on MichiganLottery.com

keno-michigan-lotteryThe Michigan Lottery offers both Keno and Club Keno, both of which offer the ability to win six-figure sums. Keno offers a top prize of $250,000 and is played daily at 7:29 PM. Players pick ten numbers from 1 to 80, and win the top prize if they match ten of the 22 numbers drawn. If they match nine of the 22 numbers drawn, they win $2,500, and if they match eight of the 22 numbers drawn, they win $250. Other Keno prizes range from $1 for matching zero numbers up to $25 for matching seven numbers.

Club Keno offers drawings every few minutes, every day of the week. Players choose the amount of numbers (called “spots” and ranging from 1 to 80) that they want to play in each draw, ranging from one number up to ten numbers. They can wager between $1 and $20 in each draw. They can also add the “Extra” game for an additional fee to increase their wager. The top prize on Club Keno can reach $500,000 if a player picks and matches ten spots and uses the “Extra” option. A supplemental jackpot, called “The Jack,” is also available for an extra wager.

Michigan Lottery Promo Code FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Highest Michigan Lottery Bonus?

The highest bonus in 2021 is a $100 deposit bonus and a set of 20 free instant games. However, with our exclusive promo code, you will receive an additional 10 free instant games once you sign up and deposit. This is only if you click our links and use the MILOTTO promo code when registering.

Is the Online Michigan Lottery Legal?

Yes, it is legal. Since November 2014, Michigan state residents have been able to play the Michigan Lottery online. At first, sales were limited to Keno and instant scratch-offs, but by January 2016 this had expanded to draw games like Powerball, Mega Millions, Fantasy 5, and Lotto 47.

Can I Play Scratchers online?

There are instant games online that are very similar to scratchers. You can use michiganlottery.com to find retailers for traditional scratcher games. You can view all scrather games, prizes, rules and more online.

Who Can Play the Michigan Lottery and Instant Games Online?

All players must be US citizens, residents of Michigan, and aged 18 or over. They must also register an online account and verify their identity with the Michigan Lottery by using the last four digits of their Social Security number. After they have registered, they can add funds to their online game account.

How is the Michigan Lottery Legally Allowed to Offer Casino Games Online?

Proposals were made in the past, arguing for the legalization of online Michigan Lottery sales, but they faced opposition. By spring 2013, Governor Rick Snyder advocated for online sales but eventually passed a budget that did not include funding. However, the Michigan Lottery had enough funds to cover developing online sales, and this was not met with opposition from state lawmakers.

Does Michigan Benefit from Online Lottery Sales?

Funds raised through Michigan Lottery ticket sales are used to support public schools in the state. This includes sales of all draw games, scratch-offs, and online games. Approximately 28 cents of every dollar raised goes to the School Aid Fund, with more than $924 raised in the 2017 fiscal year alone.

What Year Did the Michigan Lottery launch online?

A soft launch for playing Michigan Lottery games online was introduced in August 2014, but this wasn’t widely advertised. Instead, it was only seen when players visited the site. Full advertising started in September of that year, and in November 2014, players were able to access games like scratch-offs and Instant Keno.

Was the Online MI Lottery banned in 2013?

While a funding request was introduced in 2013 to approve online lottery sales, it was rejected by the legislature. However, the legislature did not ban sales, and the money to develop the ability to play Michigan Lottery games online came from the Lottery’s own budget. This is why online Michigan Lottery sales are legal.


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