I’ve been a fan of gambling since I was about 6. I love card games like Blackjack, No Limit Hold Em, Spades and Bridge. I enjoy the strategy and painstaking analysis that goes into each play. However, ever since my grandfather bought me scratchers, there is nothing like the simplicity and joy I receive from playing lottery games. I love the smell, the graphics and the dream of holding a million dollar ticket. When I purchase a lottery ticket, I purchase a week of happy thoughts and fantasies of what I’ll do with my winnings. I see it as an investment in my happiness.

I dated a girl in college whose dad had one the lottery in Sarasota, Florida. The winnings were about 3 million and he was receiving payments of about $60,000/year for the rest of his life. It wasn’t going to to float everything he wanted to do, but he lived HAPPY. He had a boat, he went out on the water every day and enjoyed life.

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