Michigan Lottery Instant Games Online

If you are a United States citizen, you live within the borders of the state of Michigan, and you are over the age of 18, then you may be eligible to play the Michigan Lottery’s Instant Games online. All you have to do is pass through an identity verification process, and once that is complete, you will gain permission to play the most exciting instant games the Michigan Lottery has to offer. The process is simple; you can register for an account from either your mobile phone or your desktop computer. It requires you to type in your address and the last four digits of your Social Security number to prove you actually live in the state of Michigan.

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The days when the state lottery had nothing to offer but scratch cards are over. Today, it offers a much wider variety of games than ever before, each of them with different stakes and odds. One of the most popular games available on this online platform is the Queen of Diamonds. This is a card game that comes with a top prize of $60,000. The main object of this game is to pull a card with a queen on it and win a prize shown on that card. If you pull 3 golden cards, then you will enter the war bonus game. If you pull a joker, then you will enter the joker bonus game.

Another game many users are quite fond of is Keno Multiplier. With an impressive top prize of $500,000, You can bet as little as 25¢ or as much as $20. It even allows you to multiply your prize at no additional cost, something most keno games don’t do. A match of two stars comes with a 3x multiplier, while a match of three stars comes with a 10x multiplier.

giveaway mi lotteryYet another game that has a lot of people riding high hoping for a big payout is Blackjack Doubler. While the stakes are not as high — it has a top prize of $50,000 — there is still plenty of excitement waiting for you. This is a card game that involves picking cards that collectively get closer to 21 than anyone else, including the dealer, without going over. Unlike conventional blackjack games in physical casinos, this one offers a bonus round you activate if you happen to draw a pair of golden cards.

Last, but certainly not least, is Rainbow Fortunes. This game requires you to line up three or more identical symbols in a connected line. That line can be either diagonal, horizontal, or vertical. The top prize is up to $10,000, but there are other, smaller prizes that you can win in addition to that one.

There are other casino games you can play on the Michigan Lottery’s website in addition to those, but those are the four most popular ones. If you want to develop a strategy that can help you increase your winnings, one way to do that is to spread your money over several games. Never put all your money in a single game; if you have enough money, then hedge your bets in order to increase your chance of coming out ahead. If you should happen to win big, then don’t always assume that a lucky streak will last forever. If you win enough money to do so, then quitting while you’re ahead is a good way to maximize the fun and minimize the risk.

Most importantly, make sure the money you spend on these games does not deprive you of such basic needs as food, clothes, and shelter. This is how gambling can cross the line from being fun to being a problem. Don’t risk your rent or electricity bills on a bet that might not win. If you don’t win, then stop before it becomes a real financial burden.

Now that you know how it works, you can start the registration process and start playing these exciting games to your heart’s content as soon as you pass. Perhaps your lucky day is coming soon. The only way to win at the games is to actually play them, but it is still important to be responsible with the betting money you use.
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