Rainbow Fortunes

Rainbow Fortunes michigan lotteryRainbow Fortunes is one of the Games offered by the Michigan Lottery. The theme of this game is luck with a grand prize of $100,000. There are numerous ways to win including two excellent bonus games. There are a lot of similarities between the Rainbow Fortune Game and Lucky 7×7. The lucky 7×7 game is no longer available but offered the same type of shares and line forming as the lucky theme. One of the differences is the grid for Rainbow Fortunes is a smaller 5×5 grid. This is not only easier to track with the eye, it should be much less intimidating for the new players.

When it comes to the actual game play, there are many similarities between Rainbow Fortunes and the 25 Card Cash game. The biggest difference are the game themes but the paybacks, 3+ symbols, 5 symbol options and 5×5 grid are all reminiscent of the 25 Card Cash game. The first step is to choose the price of the ticket and then click on the play button. Each cell can be selected individually to reveal a symbol or the player can show the full board by clicking on the Reveal All button. The idea is to win by forming a line containing three or more of the same symbol. This can be either diagonally, horitontally or vertically.

The wins for different symbols are for selected amounts. Five Diamonds wins $100,000, four wins $10,000 and three wins $1,000. Five Shooting Stars wins $5,000, four wins $200 and three wins $20. Five Hearts wins $1,000, four wins $100 and three wins $15. Five Four Leaf Clovers wins $500, four wins $50 and three wins $10. Five Horseshoes wins $200, four wins $20 and three wins $10. The Lucky Barrel Bonus game is unlocked when the Missing Barrel Piece is found. The Lucky Barrel Bonus game enables the player to gather prizes by spinning the barrel. The spinning continues until the player lands on the Collect symbol.

The player chooses three pots in the Rainbow Fortunes Pots O’ Gold Bonus game and wins a guaranteed prize. The top prize is $100,000 and the tickets sell for $10, $5, $1, $0.50 and $0.20. The win rate is 26 percent with the odds at one in 3.85. The calculated payback is 87 percent. This is a game of luck so there is no strategy for winning. The price of the ticket can be increased or decreased at the choice of the player.